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Tokyo Shopping Guide Part 2 - Daikanyama, Ginza, Roppongi, Asakusa

Updated: May 28, 2019

I had too much to write on my shopping recommendations so I had to divide the article into two parts. So continuing on and let's start with my second favourite area!


Known as Tokyo's Brooklyn, Daikanyama features some of the coolest shops in town. First stop that is a MUST is the DAIKANYAMA T-SITE - a modern bookstore selling beautiful books with a cafe, lounge, Starbucks, and a convenient store! It's open until 2am and there's always people there so it's one of my favourite things to do after dinner.

Make sure to stop by OKURA, an old warehouse featuring rich indigo-dyed Japanese clothes. Then walk towards Hachiman-dori, where you will find more shops. I often stop by KING GEORGE to grab a sandwich to go and continue on the street to find PRIV SPOONS CLUB to get my sleep/home wear (so comfy!!). Finally, don't miss WHITE MOUNTAINEERING for a super-trendy sport inspired streetwear, across the street from Spoon Club!


Ginza is the most high-end district of Tokyo where you will find ALL the flagship stores, and the best part is that it becomes totally pedestrian on weekends. A must-do is to go into one of the dept stores such as MITSUKOSHI and explore basement floor for Japanese food galore! It's an epic experience only in Japan! Amidst the high-end stores you will find high-street brands like H&M alike but one shop you must stop by the massive UNIQLO across 12 floors! It's also connected to the eclectic DOVER STREET MARKET which features a nice cafe on the top floor.

Once you're done with the hectic-ness of Ginza, walk over to MARUNOUCHI - the imperial Palace side of the Tokyo Station. Walk down Naka-dori where you will find boutiques such as ISSEI MIYAKE, COMME DES GARCON & TOMORROWLAND - a Japanese select store featuring designers from around the world as well as Japanese designers & its in-house label.

Then walk down to YURAKUCHO area, to go to the world's biggest MUJI store situated right next to a big LOFT to buy all your gadgets that you thought you never needed :)


If you don't feel like roaming outside, and want to stay in comfortable indoors, I would suggest Roppongi - home to two major shopping complex - ROPPONGI HILLS and ROPPONGI MIDTOWN. In HILLS you must stop by ESTNATION and UNITED ARROWS - two of Japan's major select shops. Make sure to also check out what they are showing at the MORI ART MUSEUM. MIDTOWN is a very high-end mall with few prestige boutiques including RESTIR.

Finally, walk 500m or so in Roppongi (not the nicest area of Tokyo, as it's really a night-out kinda place especially for the expats), to find DONQUIHOTE - a shop that sells everything, i mean everything in the most chaotic manner, 24/7!


If you want a bit of sightseeing and shopping at the same time, I would suggest you to explore Asakusa. Asakusa is famous for Tokyo's oldest temple SENSOJI TEMPLE. Right in front of it, you will find NAKAMISE-DORI - an oldest shopping street in Tokyo, positioned between the Kaminarimon and Hozomon gates of Sensoji Temple. The narrow street is lined with souvenir shops and snacks.

Another must do in Asakusa is NISHI-SANDO - a covered shopping street with natural Japanese cypress flooring! The market sell everything from souvenirs, regional Japanese snacks, to samurai swords. It's the best place to go if you want to feel that you are back in Edo-period, something from Ukiyo-e painting!

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