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Mai Facts 

Nice to meet you! I am a Certified Life Coach based in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Originally from Osaka, Japan, and lived abroad for more than 25 years

  • Global Nomad - lived in multiple cities in Switzerland, Boston, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka

  • Speaks English, Japanese, French 

  • Third Culture Kid (TCK

  • Holds a Masters in International Relations and Bachelors in Economics  

  • More than 10 years of experience in marketing in multinational companies in Singapore & Japan 

  • Associate Certified Coach by International Coach Federation (ICF) - Internationally most renowned coaching certification and the only one that is globally recognized

  • Trained as a Professional Life Coach in Collective Change Institute - Asia’s leading Coaching Institute (approved training provider by ICF)

  • More than 200 hours of Coaching 

Because she understands
what you are going through
first -hand. 

Moving from Japan to

Switzerland at age 11

Thrown out of her comfort zone at age 11, Mai faced severe culture shock first-hand. Through this, Mai realised that we all have what it takes to be resilient, and it makes us stronger. 


Relocating to S.E. Asia

for her first job  

Relocating for the first time for a job brought new challenges - adjusting to the local working environment was crucial to being successful at work. 


Relocating from Asia to Switzerland

as a trailing spouse

Moving was a breath of fresh air for her husband, but for Mai who left her full-time corporate job in Japan, it was difficult. While her husband was busy, Mai had to rebuild her entire life and this time without a job to keep her busy. Instead of longing for her past life, she used this opportunity to do what she always dreamt of - launching her own practice. 


Readjusting to a new

culture again

Relocating to the US, Mai experienced yet again the anxiety and  the stress that comes with unfamiliarity. She realised then that you need to be patient and humble even if this is second time experiencing such a change. 


Back to Japan for a 

job opportunity 

Coming back to Japan after being abroad for more than 15 years was also not easy. People expected Mai to act in a certain way especially because she looked Japanese and had a Japanese name - but what do you do when you are so different? 


Hiring a Life Coach 

to launch her business

Mai realised she needed help to stop self-doubting. Hiring a Coach helped Mai persevere so that she kept going regardless of the obstacles that came her way. Mai was used to being out of comfort zone, but launching a business was different and she needed a Coach to stop doubting herself. 

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