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Success Stories

Don't take my words for it!

See what actual clients say about Mai!

Neil Singh


MBA Student

"I was looking to work with a coach to formulate strategies to help me optimize my energy and potential. Inconsequential issues in my personal life were sapping my energy and productivity. I was constantly paralyzing myself by a sense of injustice in the way I perceived people’s attitude and behaviour towards me.


The most important thing Mai taught me was to be kind to myself – which in this case meant letting go of my ego. My ego was the burden that was wearing me down. This was a revolutionary idea that completely altered my mindset. Mai presented me with a beautiful logic – being kind to myself meant moving forward both professionally and personally, and in order to do that, I could no longer have my ego stand in my way. I found this profound.


I strongly recommended Mai because her approach is based on logic – for me, I wanted to move forward, and Mai knows how to identify the issue, dissect the problem, and devise a methodology to get on with your life. This is powerful."



Digital Marketing Manager

"Having changed a new job and also getting into a new role as a dad was starting to get quite overwhelming for me. I was losing control of how I’m handling my personal life, my team at work and most importantly my time spent with my precious little one. It came to a point where I decided I needed help.


Mai is someone with an amazing drive and plentiful of energy. She put my thoughts into very clear perspective and guided me to discover areas which I would have never thought of! After every session, I got this new found energy, motivation and clarity to tackle my issues head on. I really love how Mai understands me as a person without any judgement and sees my situation from my perspective. It really gives me a lot of support and confidence in myself.


If you need someone to really understand what you’re going through, and help nudge, push, kick or whatever it takes to help you get out of your challenges, I highly recommend that you look for Mai because she will do whatever it takes to help you help yourself."



Data Analyst

"The coaching started off with us working on a particular goal of mine which was to exercise more. Mai helped and guided me a lot in breaking down and forming achievable action steps. I started to experience less anxiety during the times when things were not working out the way I initially planned. Instead, I was able to calmly go back to the drawing board with Mai and try something different. As the coaching progressed, we dove into the changes I wanted to make in my life. Through this, I also became more confident and creative in the way I accomplished my weekly targets.


One thing I appreciated about Mai was how she helped me see things both individually and holistically. Having Mai as my coach has made me more equipped in tackling the bigger challenges in my life and I am very sure she would be able to do the same for you too! "



Meditation Teacher, Founder of Untangling the Mind

"Mai is a phenomenal coach and I highly recommend working with her! I had been procrastinating on my writing projects because of my perfectionism, and she helped me learn how to put that behind me, and just get on it! It was actionable help from day one. If you're on the fence, stop thinking and sign up!"


Screenshot 2019-08-28 at 11.22.48.png

Coach, facilitator, trainer at Seeds and pebbles coaching and training

"I was going through a period of feeling stuck, uninspired, low on energy and weighed down by past life decisions that I didn’t feel capable of reconsidering. I wanted to reset my objectives and vision and start taking new concrete steps in terms of life choices and self-care. I now feel inspired and motivated and have a concrete roadmap for my life. I have also let go of many weights that I was carrying, had the tough conversations needed, and took some life-changing decisions, such as selling my current house to move somewhere that better reflects who I am and what I wish! What a shift!


Mai is a great listener, beyond the words. She is an amazing source of energy and authentic curiosity. I loved how our sessions often started with me feeling low and full of doubt, and ended on an amazing high every time. She stood for my Greatness, incorruptibly, all the way. That is such a gift and she did so in such a compassionate way, which is what I really needed, seen I was being so hard on myself. She brought lightness and fun to our exchange while asking very direct and important questions. I always felt held and cared for, and it therefore felt safe to make the leap when needed. Thank you!


I strongly recommend Mai as your coach if you are faced with big decisions and feel unable to confront them. She will uplift you, and inspire you to get up and get going with lightness and determination. Don’t hesitate a moment longer!"



Founder - Yoga with Supatra

"I was going through a big transition – move to a new city, exploring new work opportunities and while I was trying to see to see the positive and was excited about this new adventure, something also felt off and it wasn’t clear to me how to identify it.


I had a coaching session with Mai that was eye-opening. Mai listened attentively yet her style was very casual which made me feel relaxed and not under a microscope. I thought I was having issues with self-confidence and insecurities in pursuing my new line of work when in fact, the underlying issue was other areas of adjusting to this big transition. Mai was able to pick up on my confusion very quickly, noticing particular words or sentiments I expressed to get to the bottom of what was actually going on.


Mai was there to check in on me regularly. She’s great at motivating and offering encouraging support, she has such a can do attitude that is infectious.I have done sessions with Mai in person as well as over the phone and whether you have her in person or not makes no difference to her undivided attention and ability to get to the bottom of things. If you’re unclear, overwhelmed, know you’re in need of a change but can’t figure it out, Mai can help you get to the bottom of it!"



Mother of 3 children

"The motivation for hiring Mai as my coach was because I connected with her positive energy and exuberance. As my coach, she continually challenged me to reflect on my setbacks and blindspots without judgement and with the honesty and kindness of a great coach.

We worked together on my business setup and understanding of self and confidence and made great strides in all areas. The outcomes of our sessions brought about an understanding of previously unrealised deep-seated emotional issues hindering my progress in setting up my art business, thus improving my confidence in my (personal) self and my abilities in art and business.


I would highly recommend Mai as a coach for someone who is looking to genuinely forward themselves or their projects and looking for a coach who is honest, motivated and high in energy.  "


Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Communication Manager

"Working with my Coach Mai helped me to see and be honest about where I was and where I want to be. She walked me through the biggest pain points that I was experiencing, and enabled me to create my own plan of action to get to the other side. Though I struggled to complete my entire plan of action, the coaching sessions with Mai had got me further than I would ever have, if I had not even started on it. I'm feeling a lot better about myself, and have started to take steps that I challenge myself to and can be confident about, and am looking forward to finding joy and fulfilment in life again." 



Chief Officer at a Foreign Correspondent Desk 

" With Mai, I figured out that what holding me back from a happy lifestyle is my inability to deal with everyday problems, as well as self-made, or imagined problems. These problems constantly occupied me, leading to sleeping disorders and exhaustion. Recognising this source of stress was my first step to improve my life in my life coach journey with Mai.


With Mai’s help, I have found techniques to gain emotional distance from challenges, control my anxieties, and clear my mind when it is occupied by burdening thoughts. It has only been two months, and I feel much more in control of my thoughts. Now, when I’m confronted with a situation that I do not control, I am not as consumed by it. Mai helped me recognise this issue, and I feel empowered to take further steps to improve my life.  

What I most loved about my sessions was the immediate positivity I gained from them. Mai´s talent is being blunt and honest without being negative. She has a talent to guide you through past your challenges without making it feel like a chore.I warmly recommend Mai to everyone I know, and to anyone who would like to do something good for themselves."



Google Campaign Specialist

"I had set a personal goal to create and publish a children’s illustration book. This book was meant for my baby girl as a life long gift and also a starting point for me to become a part-time children’s book illustrator. However I somehow found myself unable to start this important project. I realized that I need a coach to 1) discover my blindspot, 2) push me to finish the project on time. 


I chose Mai because she bubbles with energy and compassion. And I also can sense that she is someone who I can connect with to realize find out what’s stopping me. 


The coaching journey with Mai turned out to be an impressive one. Mai is a optimistic coach, and full of possibilities. She also helped me see the big picture of what I want in the longer run. I ended up finishing a project that I had in mind through working with her. This opens up a window of possibility for me and it would not have been possible without Mai’s coaching. If you are looking for a coach to achieve higher height with you, I highly recommend Mai." 



Mediator & Coach

"I decided to work on specific relationships issues that were challenging me and Mai was exactly the sounding board I needed. She created a zone where I felt safe to discuss openly the difficulties I was facing, certain that she was not judging me. Her questions were spot on, inquisitive yet tactful and made me reflect on the situation, accept what could not be changed and decide on the improvement in my power."

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