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Who can Benefit? 

 Mai focuses on making relocations of 

expatriates and their families successful. 


Your challenge:

Culture difference at work and feeling unappreciated 

Coaching can help you:

Take control of the relocation experience so that you succeed in your new role by tackling any challenges that are in the way


Your challenge:

Struggling  with the new life; no social support; facing language barrier and cultural shock; longing for your previous life​

Coaching can help you:

Find a sense of purpose with

fulfilment in your new life

(Third Culture Kid)

Your challenge:

Frustrated with the relocation that you had no control of & feeling lost

in the new life 

Coaching can help you:

Release frustration and transit smoothly into your new life


Your challenge:

According to AXA’s own World of Work report 54% of HR directors at multinational companies say that staff terminating international assignments early did so due to family concerns 

Coaching can help you:

By providing coaching to expat and their family members, they are given the emotional support they need to maximise so that the expats can perform from the get-go  

Mai's 3 Simple Steps 



Meditation by the Sea

We often lack the courage to ask ourselves the tough questions that dives into our thought process.

So Mai will do exactly to discover the world within you so that you can understand the effect that a change such as relocation has on you. 



Girl by the Sea

Mai clarifies what is REALLY going on and helps identify the challenges to be overcome. Once you’re clear of what is really bothering you, the step towards achieving your goal becomes much easier.



Toy Plane

Small but concrete challenges you need to overcome so that you can forward towards your goal by discussing detailed action steps. These specific milestones will be the homework in between sessions and Mai will help keep you accountable.

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