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My Favourite Tokyo restaurants for Hungry Monsters!

Updated: May 28, 2019

I've written about Izakayas in Tokyo but that doesn't include all my favourite restaurants! So here goes!

This is a Yakitori institution which also serves Izakaya dishes. Its convenient location, coupled with a great JP atmosphere, and friendly staffs, makes this my go-to place when I have visitors in Tokyo. The food is delicious, it's affordable, and you really feel like you've arrived to Tokyo so definitely include this on your trip!

Of course there are so many 3-michelin sushi restaurants in Tokyo which are amazing but if you are looking for good quality at a decent price, I highly suggest you to look at sushi Manten! it's omakase so you don't have to worry about ordering. Make sure you go hungry because the sushis will keep on coming.

If you love soba, you must go here! Unfortunately, it has become super popular with tourists recently so you will have to queue for a long time for soba unless you go before it opens up at 1130 to beat the queue. Also, it is better to go early as the soba runs out and they will close as soon as the soba is finished. My faouvrite here is tempura soba. It's divine! It's located just behind the CAT street on Omotesando so perfect to start your day with soba and then stroll around the coolest area of Tokyo.

This is an amazing fish burger place by a chef (Shinya Kudo) who trained in sushi restaurants for more than 10 years including being a chef in the famous 2-michelin sushi restaurant, Harutaka. Kudo-san goes to Tsukiji daily to source for the freshest fish and the burger you will have will be freshly made. The queue will probably be long but it's worth paying a visit to this innovative burger place tacked away in the hippiest neighbourhood. Why don't you start your day here and walk through Nakameguro and then to Daikanyama ?

Some say that Italian restaurants in Tokyo are one of the best outside Italy, and this restaurant in Ebisu will definitely live up to that expectation. Established in 1989, Il Boccalone has become an institution in Japan, serving the most authentic Italian dishes. So if you are sick of daily JP food and wanna try another cuisine, this is definitely the one I would go for.

Another Yakitori place but this one has more traditional atmosphere than Jomon. After a day in Nakameguro, go here and put your name down for a very-local affordable dinner full of life.

This is a shabu-shabu restaurant that I love right next to my old apt! So it's in a residential area but has a very high-end feel/look. You can start your meal with having one slice of amazing JP beef sukiyaki style to experience the beef melting in your mouth and then continue onto your Shabu Shabu dinner.

Kaiseki beef restaurant tucked away in the Nishiazabu district. Here, you will experience having beef in a various different way. I was shocked to find out that at the end of the meal, the amount of beef I had was only 250g or so, but because it's cooked in so many different ways, you feel like you've had so much more. It's an experience that you wouldn't want to miss.

This is my favourite high-end restaurant in Tokyo. There are only 3/4 tables in a modern space where you can see Takazawa-san preparing most of the dishes in the open kitchen. I would say his cooking is a modern take on the traditional Japanese Kaiseki meal, making every dish interesting and visually superb. I personally think that this restaurant (with no stars!) is way better than so many 3 Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo such as Ryugin ;P Since there are only a few tables, make sure that you book on their website wayyyy in advance.

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