• Understand the client and the situation/ challenge

  • Explain what coaching is, what it is not, and how it works 

  • Explain the expectations of the Coachee and the Coach 

  • Explain the likely outcome from the coaching if both parties are committed 


  • Delve deep into client’s objectives

  • Project planning (milestone, timelines, key actions etc) to understand exactly where we are and what we have to do to get to where we want to go 


  • Constantly removing barriers in the way of changing 

  • Action and accountability to make things happen

  • Sustain motivation and purpose to keep going 


  • Summarise the journey and crystallise the learning 

  • Take stock of changes and growth (results, skills, change in mindset, etc.) 

A Guide to Your Goals

Naturally, the next question that you may ask is how we plan to accomplish what we say we can. The answer is simple - we do not start at ‘what’ or ‘where’. Even if you don’t know WHAT is it that you need help for, or WHERE is it that you want to go, it is okay. Just being sure that you want to go SOMEWHERE is enough. Imagine it this way, you have an itching sensation that is bothering you, but you don’t know where the itch is. Don’t worry, we will figure it out TOGETHER and help you REMOVE the itch.


And how we do that? In four simple steps!





Meditation by the Sea

Human beings are peculiar things. We more than often lack the courage to ask ourselves the tough questions that we should. Even when we find the strength to ask them, we don’t possess the clarity to answer them, at least answer them alone. This is what I help you do. In step one, I ask you easy but fundamental questions that will drive you deep inside your thought process and take you on an adventurous journey in the world within you!



Girl by the Sea

Next, we help you find out what is it REALLY going on inside you. And we do this through the exploration we undertook in step one. This way we help you find answers to questions like- why you feel the way you do, or why you have not done what you want to do, and what is it you truly want in life. The clarity you achieve with these answers is a small but motivational starting point to begin your journey towards an incredible change. Once you know what you want, taking the first step doesn’t seem so difficult after all.



Toy Plane

Recognizing what is it that you want is an empowering act. It allows you to take control, to set a goal and choose a path towards achieving it. Once you are determined to work hard and to focus on the road ahead, we help you to reach your destination. Whatever it is that you want to do; we are excited to help you get there.




The journey towards your goal is adventurous and therefore requires us to work together. We need to take small, but concrete and surefooted steps forward. And we do exactly this! I will help you put together particular short-term goals, e.g. “what are we going to do before we speak again in 10 days?” This way you will be inspired to achieve specific and measurable actions which are energetic and objective. Before the next session, you will be ready with “homework” of every action which we agreed upon beforehand, and which takes you closer to your goal.