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Mai Facts 

Nice to meet you! I am an Associate Certified Coach based in Geneva, Switzerland.


  • I’m Japanese - check out my blog if you want to get an insight into Japan and to help you plan your trip there! 

  • Schooled in 3 continents: Primary school in Japan,  High school in Switzerland, University in the U.S., Masters in the UK

  • Worked in Singapore, Japan, and now in Switzerland  - more details  of education & profession here 

  • My friends tell me that I come with endless energy and positivity!  

  • I have never been happier than I am now as a Life Coach. I want to devote all my energy to my work. I am determined to help my clients, and my true reward is seeing someone lost, unsure and unclear transform into an energized, motivated, empowered and confident individual. 



Yes, I was merely eleven years old when moved from Japan all alone to attend a boarding school in Switzerland. That was the biggest challenge I faced in my life. Everything changed in a matter of few days. From eating rice with miso soup for breakfast to eating croissant with jam; from speaking Japanese to speaking English or French; from being like everyone to becoming a minority; from living with your parents to living with people your age from all over the world.


I was thrown out of my comfort zone and for the first time in my life I struggled. I cried, depended on cup noodles, and was endlessly longing for Japan. But I overcame it and I look back at that time with a smile now because I came out stronger. I learnt that only when you are faced with obstacles that you emerge resilient and powerful. 

And I believe that we all have it inside of us! But if you have never allowed yourself to face any obstacles, you never tap into the deep well of faith and endurance that you have breathing within you. 

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I started my career working for an advertising agency and then in FMCG. Back then, I was enjoying my work but all I ever wanted was a bit of freedom - more time for myself, more holidays! 

And I took the opportunity to leave, and to go after my dream of starting my own thing, being my own boss. and suddenly, you miss the structure, your colleagues and even your boss. 

Having no road ahead can be daunting. And you find yourself wondering if it would have been easier to just stick to the corporate world. But you can't second-guess the decision you've made. Otherwise you'd fall! 

Once you've discern a direction, you go for it wholeheartedly. You keep goals and achieve them. You make promises and keep them and go that extra mile. That commitment to your decision is integral for your success. 

Now it's your turn! 


I moved to Singapore after getting engaged with my now husband. A year later, he got a job in Geneva and we had to relocate again. Moving was a breath of fresh air for him, but for a “trailing” spouse like me, it was difficult. Especially doing it twice within a few years.  My husband was busy with his work, but I had to rebuild my entire life, find new friends, a new job. There were days when I felt are unfulfilled, and longed for my previous life in Japan. But I learnt to adapt amid the fluctuating circumstances of life. And decided to go with the flow, seeing the choices, challenges and opportunity instead of insisting on my own way. This flexibility freed me from longing my past life and open to life's unexpected wonders.

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Before becoming a Life Coach myself, I hired a coach to help me attain confidence and move on. I needed to stop doubting my judgments, and take the next step no matter how challenging it seemed. Hiring a coach helped me persevere so that I can keep going regardless of the obstacles, delays and self-doubts that came my way. Thanks to my coach, I am here, starting my own business. So now…I want help you with your goals and your path. Can I?

Because I have been through moment of lost, un-clarity, lacking confidence myself, I understand what you are going through. This is why I offer a FREE session upon signing up, for you to see and decide if you’d like to work with me.

educatinal & prfbakround


  • Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland - International Baccalaureate diploma 

  • Tufts University in Boston - Double Bachelors in International Relations and Economics  

  • Kings College London in London - Masters in International Relations 

  • TBWA Singapore - Account Management team 

  • TBWA Japan  - Global Account Management team 

  • Philip Morris Japan  - Marketing team 

  • Kouzenkai Medical Corporation - International Business Development Director 

  • Collective Change Institute - Graduated the Professional Coach Development Program (approved by ICF)

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) - ​certified by  International Coach Federation (ICF) 

  • Mai Life Coach - Owner 

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