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Transition Coach

I help expats and their families make a smooth and successful transition to their new home

Hi I am Mai!

With extensive experience relocating from one continent to another since I was 11, I understands the real life issues and challenges that cross-cultural relocation brings. Through my experience, it has become second nature for me to settle into new countries and make it into a home I love.

This led expats and their families, who made cross-cultural relocation to engage me, to help them flourish in their new lives. 

Congratulations on your move!

Going abroad for your work or as a partner of an expat is an exciting adventure.

Yet, you may feel / find ...

Home sick

Lost/lonely without friends and family

Difficulty in building relationship in your new country 

Your work is more challenging than you had imagined 

Lost without purpose/things to do 

Difficult to integrate into new society and culture

Language barrier posing real barrier to your life

Your family are frustrated  ​


If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, it's completely normal

In fact, up to 55% of foreign assignments fail or end prematurely,

because of lack of emotional support given to the expats and the family members.

But don't you worry because Mai can help you thrive in your new home.  

Playful Family
My gift to you

You've arrived. Now What? 

There is a great deal to plan and prepare for as soon as you arrive in your new home country.


Here is a useful checklist containing everything you might need to do as soon as you arrive so that you can be stress-free! 

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