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Making Sushi Roll
Let's Roll 

Hi there!

Food is a part of one's identity.

And it's one thing that is easily replicable in your life abroad, 

even when you are thousands miles away from your home.


Being Japanese, Sushi is something that Mai had at home from young age. 

Living abroad, Mai was often asked for Sushi lessons and so she started offering exactly that. 

If you're one of those Sushi lovers, join Mai's Sushi lesson at home, 

& learn how to make the perfect sushi rice, and different sushi rolls, 

so that you can make yours at home for your friends and family!

Class description*? 

* Special requests such as vegetarian menu, birthday party, dinner party can be accommodated - just write via "sign me up" button below 

What do I learn?

  • Perfect sushi rice 

  • Spicy tuna hand roll 

  • Salmon or cucumber Hosomaki 

  • Salmon Temari sushi

  • Spicy tuna with crispy rice


what's included ?

  • Japanese rice 

  • Ingredient for sushi rice mix 

  • Seaweed 

  • Ingredient for spicy sauce 

  • Soy sauce & wasabi 

  • Fish (salmon and tuna) 

  • Vegetables (cucumber & avocado)

  • Rolling bamboo mat


  • Price: 120 CHF per person including the lesson & the food 

  • Pax: Up to 5 pax per class 

  • Location: In Geneva Switzerland (at your home or at Mai's home)

  • Duration: 1.5 hours 

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