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Essential tips for Expat Partners…

Relocation can be exciting! But when the initial excitement fades, especially when you move for your partner’s job, the loneliness, and the home-sickness may fill your days… But don’t worry you’re not alone in this! I amongst with many other expat partners have felt the same. 

Based on my own experience, here are some essential tips that will help you get started on your new life. 


Being aware of how you feel, and acknowledging it is the first step.  The loss of a professional identity is often frustrating as finding a job abroad may be challenging due to visa situation, language barrier etc. Sometimes, its the feeling of home-sick that can lead to expat blues without knowing it. Being aware of such emotions is the first step. So don't shy away from how you feel because without being aware of it, you will never be able to cure it. 


I know you have friends and family at home but now that you are in this new environment, it is essential that you connect with those that are going through what you are going through. There are so many online expat groups on facebook, Inter-Nations etc. Get out of your comfort zone and start meeting up with them because chances are they’ve already gone through what you’re going through and can offer advice.


When you are in a new environment, it may be easy to fall through the days, without getting anything done, and then beating yourself up about it. Getting a routine helps you to avoid this! Include exercise, social events, admin time, ME time etc. That structure will help you avoid slipping into just watching TV. Exercise is a great way to refresh your mind too. Routine may sounds strenuous but think about it as a way of doing something for yourself. Not doing the groceries, or looking at insurance policies, but something just for YOU! 


You may used to have a professional life, too busy to deal with household tasks. Now, you may be filling your day ONLY with tasks & admins, and you may be missing that sense of satisfaction and achievement you used to get from a rewarding life. Well, think of it this way, moving has given you the opportunity to spend time doing what you love. You can pick up your long lost hobbies or discover new ones. You can take an art class or learn a new language. You can also teach YOUR mother tongue or English. Or perhaps participate in some volunteer work that you never had time for! Whatever it may be, it doesn’t have to be world-shaking things as long as they improve YOUR world.


Dont suffer whatever you are feeling, silently. It’s essential that you reach out. It could be to your spouse, to your family or even to your partner’s HR to find out how they can assist. You can also get a Life Coach who focuses on expats. They will be able to help you gain better insight about yourself, establish your goal and figure out how to overcome challenges living abroad. With a Life Coach, you may not only survive your life abroad, but thrive in it!

Contact me if you want to know more about my own experience as an expat partner, or if you want to have a trial session for FREE. 

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